Opening post

Insert obligatory introduction.

… yeah okay that was more cheesy than normal for me.  Postings will not be regular here yet until after the end of next month. I’m going to be doing a large amount of tweaking (within what I can do via the free account on WordPress) and then from there I’ll be posting here regularly while mothballing the old Wandering Witch over on BlogSpot.  Though if I end up with followers over here like straight off the bat, I’ll start posting here right away anyways.

I will be bringing all of the old posts over as well, and polishing them up too.  There will be new content alongside them so unless otherwise state because I have something else I need to focus on, Monday and Thursday I’ll be aiming for new content posts, while Tuesday and Saturday will be old posts from the old blog, polished up.

So I’m not impressed with WordPress due to its cost for the higher premium packages.  I’ll upgrade that’s for sure…. but at a much later date once the income stream loosens up enough for me to be able to do that.

So now what?  Well first I got to figure out how to build another couple of pages. One for stuff from Amazon and one for my stuff.  Which I’m fairly certain is going to just be a copy and paste job from Etsy again for the time being.

One thing at a time Evie!”

Yeah I know… but but BUTTONS!