Tis the season

To spend with loved ones…. or at least folks you can tolerate.

Here in the StormRose Casa we celebrate Yule (Winter Solstice).  … okay yeah, we celebrate both Yule and Christmas. Because they are both happy days.  Days were for a few hours all the bullshit that might be going on doesn’t exist.

So in your various holiday celebrations, send up a little extra prayer or energy for the folks who can’t be were they want or with whom they want to be with. Something a little extra for everyone who might need a little extra comfort, some closure or a little extra light.

Because that is what this season is about. Celebrating the Light. Whether you celebrate the “Light of Christ” or the returning Light of Longer Days or Lights that never went, etc… It’s about Light.

And I think everyone can agree, once you’ve experienced true darkness (inflicted by whatever) that celebrations of the Light are meant to shared with everyone.

So forget about the quibbles over semantic reasons.

This is one Witch wishing her Christian readers, A Merry Christmas.