Oh yeah… It’s Monday all right…

So I’m sitting here, knitting on a project waiting for my computer to unfuck itself. LA today is trying to act like its winter at 40 ish degrees and today me and ManUnit got to have breakfast together.  Mmmm hash browns and bacon.

I have a strange thing going on. I have probably around a dozen unfinished crocheting and knitting projects…. And I’ll most likely get them all done by the end of month. I don’t plan on starting any new ones for at least a couple of days. That’s not to say I won’t have four dozen ideas.  *facepalm*

Then I have to think hard on going back to Facebook…. I took a month and a half off (which is about the end of January to be exact). I’ve been off for about oh… A week and a half now probably.

Facebook… Keeps sending me emails about three and four times a day. “Do you know what you’re missing!? *sobs*”

I’m not missing anything that my friends wouldn’t at least call or email me about. I’m not missing the sound bite…ERM…. Meme wars.  The recycled talking points. The identical frames of mind with only difference being the talking points. The word vomit. The drama and horror of people claiming to be adults suddenly faced by real adults who are out of patience and they are out of chances to avoid rulers across the knuckles.

Which by the way, hurts like a sumbitch. My sister and I when we were younger decided to see what it felt like and we both never missed an opportunity to inflict pain on each other. That is one experience I think everyone should have inflicted on them so that they be truly grateful it is not done anymore in anything outside of a metaphorical sense. My knuckles sting just remembering it.

Facebook, you have separation issues. Me? I’m enjoying having all of this time back. I do miss not having the chat at least. My phone is being temperamental with text messaging and I know I’m missing text messages with people wondering “why hasn’t she responded yet…”

*head desk*