Popping Intellectual Zits


According To Hoyt

So this week, while commenting on Mad Genius Club, I realized something odd about this ideological fight we’re engaged in: It’s largely one sided. I mean, we have lately bestirred ourselves to respond, but only because we realized utter silence and ignoring them has lost us a lot of ground.

However, even now we engage half heartedly.

If I wanted to, I could spend the entire week, every day, pounding on the idiocies emanating from the left side of the isle. The Genius of the Guardian, for instance, is still whining about how Larry tried to rig the Hugos. He’s also saying there’s no proof that the SJWs ever rigged anything. (Rolls eyes.) The irrationality in that tweet and the repetition of comfort-blanket aphorisms that have been disproven could fill entire notebooks.

But I am only mentioning it, because someone mentioned it to me. In the same way, I heard…

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