When You’re the Wife of a PI: Holidays are extra special.

**Yeap, managed to get the computer back up and running without hitch again. Only took about oh… four or five hours. That’s the lovely thing about crocheting or knitting, I still get work done while waiting on other tasks to finish.**

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One reason for this is because you never know actually know if you’re going to be celebrating them each other or if you’re going to be celebrating them alone.  Holidays like Yule give you options on what days you can celebrate that time of the year and if you’re lucky, you get New Year’s together. New Year’s eve….not so much.

When you’re a PI, it’s a good idea to have second jobs. Take Benji’s second job which is as club security.

He had stuck his head around the corner.

“Don’t let me forget to get together a layer of insulator and black tie etc for New Year’s Eve,” he said.

“Huh?” I responded, “Oh… you took a shift at the club? How long will that be for?”

“Yeah, from I think it’s 7ish to 3am ish,” He told me.

“You still off on New Year’s day though?” I asked him.

“Yes I am my lovely Garnet, and are we still on for that hike?”


He walked back into his office area laughing. New Year’s, Christmas and Thanksgiving were the three main holidays that actually meant enough to the both of us to matter if we were going to be able to do something together, even it was small and silly. For whatever reason this year, we got Yule…and Christmas…and New Year’s day together this year.  I know better than to hope that that will happen again next year.

Some holidays…just don’t exist for us. Valentines Day? HAH! Yeah right, there are other things that say I love you better than over-priced chocolates and flowers that will die in a few days. Like a nice bottle of wine and take out from a Thai place, and sitting at the kitchen table for a couple of hours just talking and sipping wine.

Easter? Not even on the radar. Same with Labor day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, etc etc. Now things like the Marine Corps birthday are important, our birthdays and our anniversary… but even those are normally celebrated before or after the actual day. That tends to happen a lot because there is no such thing as a set schedule for a PI. Or his wife for that matter. Taking what time we can get and when we can get it just makes the days we do get all that sweeter.

Minus the nasty candy you can get in stores around Christmas time. Blech. I’ll stick to fresh fruit.