At least Monday…

… is ending on a good note.

Sipping cider, looking at neopunk and cyber punk stuff, listening to Abney Park. Tomorrow hopefully I’ll be able to manage being more productive.  That being said, I had two new story ideas. See I get ideas all the time… I just don’t have the patience to take away time from my thread working to write them out fully. Oye.

4 thoughts on “At least Monday…

    1. Oh goodness that’s quite a long list. Abney Park is very much a steampunk flavored music group. 😉

      As for authors, I’ve always greatly enjoyed Frank Herbert, Terry Brooks, Terry Goodkind, Terry Prachett, Timonthy Zahn, Kevin J. Anderson. There’s also Sarah Hoyt, Stephanie Osborn, John Ringo. And those are just the ones that come to mind off the top of my head.

      How about you Kin?

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