The Witch and The Atheist

That being me and my fiance. I’m sorry if you were hoping for a short story there. Well, perhaps it is a short story of sorts just not the fictional kind. Yeah there’s probably some kind of joke in there too, but I’m tired as I’m writing this and can’t think of one.

So how does a relationship like ours work?

Rather well actually. He’s not prone to criticizing my faith. He’s very prone to ask questions. Which is the better end of the deal. He’s very intuitive too, and tends to pick up things from me before I vocalize them. First time it happened, we just stared at each other for a few seconds before busting up laughing and hugging each other tightly. It was insane. It was wonderful.

His atheism is easy to get. He’s very much about personal responsibility and that here and now are your consequences not later. Very astute and intelligent. He’s also an anarchist. *Snort!* If ever there was an ideal combination, that would be it. Personal responsibility is a major factor for him. So one of the basic tenets of anarchy is “You don’t fuck with me, I don’t fuck with you.” Or the Christian Golden rule or the Wiccan rede, etc etc.

I tease him frequently. He’s incredibly good-natured for the most part. Occasionally he does shit that makes me want to smack him upside the head, like some of the driving habits he has. *sighs*

It’s been rough, this first 15 months of living together. There have been times were I’m having a minor episode and I can’t tell him what’s wrong. I can’t find the words to express the emotions or the attachments that are making me trigger. Those are hard times for him, because he hates seeing me struggle with things like that. When things like that it tends to end up with me shrugging and him hugging. I think I like that last part best. Him hugging me. It always feels so good when he does. It’s always a very protective and loving hug.

I think the only part he has trouble with with my beliefs is if I use a little too much smudge. It can really cloud up a place too much if you’re not careful. Those are just about the only times I think he is even close to being truly annoyed.

There’s been other things too, but we’re making it work. That’s not to say things don’t get interesting. Like this morning for instance.

“Babe where is my check?”

I pulled the blanket from over my head and looked at him.

“It’s on the table. Next to the computer.”

He goes and looks…doesn’t find it.

“It’s on the kitchen table.”

He never found it. I get up a few hours later as he was heading out 5 something am for work. I am NOT a morning person. After 7am you can talk me out of bed… as long as there is coffee.

I sit down and pick up the black headphones next to the computer on the kitchen table and behold… check. I tease him about us having fae (and being a Witch, I know we do though not the ones I used to have to threaten with being dunked in catnip and tossed to the cats) but I think the fae have decided to convince him. 

Though I will be teasing him about looking for stuff before having coffee. Jarheads run better on coffee. 😀