Past Blast: A question I was asked.

Evie: I didn’t have anything for ya’ll today that wouldn’t take too much time away from one of my projects that I’m working in the design phase of at the moment. However, the old blog has a lot of material on it still, so here’s an older post. Published back in May 2013, I don’t have to do the cat herding at the moment. 

What do I think is the most important thing people should be aware of today and why?

 (All observations are just that observations.  They are based on noted patterns of human behavior as witnessed by me.  These will change as I get older.)

Okay I have to admit when I first got this question, I was stumped. Yet, it’s a damn good question. I knew what I felt was important and the why’s that it was.  But what I hold important isn’t what the next person is going to hold as important or even that it’s in need of being rated as such.  

So what do I think is the most important thing for a person to aware of and why?

I don’t know.  

There are variables that dictate parts of a person’s life.  Their upbringing, their faith, their politics, their jobs, their life experiences.  Human beings are not assembly line creatures cut from molds. (Despite what certain crowds seem to think.) No one is going to have identical experiences.  You could have a controlled situation, with three key components, all variables tightly controlled and every person who goes through would come away with a different description, different levels of reactions.   

Perhaps then, the most important thing that people should be aware of today…is human nature.  A basic understanding of it.  The why being so that you can understand yourself better and better apply yourself in your life in ways that are more meaningful and impact others in the positive.  There’s an old saying, “Everything in moderation.”  Whoever said that, was a friggin genius. 


Humans, seem to lean towards extremism.  We all, have an addiction.  ALL OF US.  Mine I’ve managed to keep under control, due to them being reading, crocheting, snuggling (mmmm snuggling) and trying to find other outlets for creativity.  Which seems to help combat other problems I have, but that’s a previous and future post(s).   Everyone has an addiction. Farmville, Candy Crush, gambling, drugs, alcohol, something.  

Yes, you have that tiny vice that is your extreme.  For some people it’s being rabid (insert republican, democrat, feminist, etc…).  Others just blow themselves up or protest funerals of brave souls that sacrificed themselves for freedoms that few in this country can truly understand anymore without going through trials and storms.  

By understanding the more common extremes that humans tend to gravitate towards, will that give you a window into yourself? 

Yes, most likely.  I gravitate towards older people, military type folks and folks who are going through hell.  They have much better conversations, insights and experiences; and I LEARN a lot from interacting with them.  Hell, the fiance is 8 years older than me.   I learn, from him, every day.  So what does that mean?  I tend to hate my age group.  Vehemently hate my age group (most of it anyways).  Bunch of stupid punks.

What does that mean for interactions?  I keep most of my age group at arms length.  I don’t get to close, don’t get to friendly and don’t get much drama because of it. (Though there are the ones that have gone off the fucking deep end and made death threats once or twice…. @_@.  Another story for a later time.) 

Is that important? For me, it’s up there. 

 Should it be for someone else?  Can’t answer that because I’m not someone else.

So is an understanding of human nature, so that you might become a better person the most important thing?

Or is it finding a balance?  A balance between hobbies and a job? My hobbies are my income right now.  Crocheting! Sewing! Knitting! Going to the Range! ( Just kidding.  My life hasn’t gotten THAT good yet.) Cat herding! (Wait…1..2..3…4 cats.  Okay, all accounted for. )

 I work with my hands.  It’s satisfying.  It helps me feel accomplished.  I feel whole when I’m working thread, leather, fabric. 

A balance between the secular and the spiritual?  

We all have some kind of spiritual ideology or lack there of, that we subscribe to.  

A balance between the professional and the private?

We have all jobs of some kind.

Is it a clear vision of your purpose in this life and the forward motion of acquiring the skills and knowledge and experience needed to fulfill that purpose?

What do I think is the most important thing people should be aware of today and why?

I think, people should be aware of their limits and know themselves. So that they can keep themselves in check and not adversely affect those around them.  

That answer may change over time, but it’s what I have for the moment.