Changeling’s Agony: Awakening; Chapter Five

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Chapter Five

Lacy tilted her back to let the hot shower water be able to hit the bruise. It was turning black, blue and other various disturbing shades. She had gingerly checked to make sure nothing was cracked or broken. Mace had crawled into her lap and hadn’t let her up for a good hour. The cat was just as shaken as her though Lacy was certain it was only because she was shaken up. This was not the first time she had awoken from such a chaotic dream and found bruises. The implications of the bruises were unsettling to be sure however it was an oddity that she didn’t spend a lot of time thinking on.
The dream kept replaying in her mind. She kept examining every minute detail and still couldn’t find a connection. She turned the water off and stepped out into the bathroom. Drying off she glanced up at the mirror and froze. Malbon was looking back at her. Lacy rushed over the mirror and wiped the condensation away. Malbon was still there and said something that Lacy couldn’t hear. The now obviously Elf woman disappeared leaving Lacy rubbing her eyes.
“What the fuck just happened…”

Kat was waiting for her when she came into the kitchen. The dragon gave her a once over and shook her. Uchi didn’t say anything from where he was sunning himself in the driveway.
Not what I was expecting.
“What were you expecting?”
Not that particular dream or that mirror image. It means you’re going to have to deal with a couple of things sooner than what you might be ready for.
Lacy sighed as she started brewing some coffee. She sat down on the steps leading from the dining room to the kitchen and wrapped an arm around Mace.
“Something tells me that the implications of that statement are going to be most unpleasant.”
Uchi looked at Lacy. Now that had sounded like his old friend. He went back to sunning himself and smiled. That had been the glimmer of hope that he had been searching for.

Most of the day went by in a blur for Lacy. There was more wood to be split and she stayed outside until the cold drove her in. Mace trilled at her as she put more wood on the fire for the evening. Lacy smiled at her as she went to check on the bruise. She sighed in relief at seeing the blasted thing had faded finally.
“How about a BLT tonight?”
Mace made a happy sound, knowing BLT meant bacon and for her. Lacy’s phone rang, and she answered it, launching into an animated conversation with one of her adopted big brothers. Gnobin came down the stairs and watched the human for a few moments before shaking his head and snuggling up to Mace. Snarp chirped at him from atop the fridge. The smaller dragon liked being on top of the fridge because it let him dive bomb the mice, the only thing around that he was bigger than. Mace had gained a few pounds from all the mice that had been present in the cabin but she left a few for Snarp to play with. It kept him from playing with her tail.
Lacy was on the phone for a couple hours that evening chit chatting with her big brother. Kat and Uchi always liked it when that man called because Lacy’s mood always lifted, regardless of what mood she had been in. After hanging up finally, Lacy just chilled out at the small bar in the kitchen playing solitaire.
Dreams like last night’s are going to be happening a bit more frequently.
Lacy jumped. Uchi’s baritone voice was a stark contrast to the lilt of Katana’s voice.
“Oh? Why?”
You have a connection to Malbon. As the dreams progress, you’ll understand. Though I think you won’t have any more like last night’s in that regard, Uchi gestured at the area of the still fading bruise.
“I hope not. That was not cool. If that had been any worse or anything had actually cracked, how the hell would I have explained that to the ER?”
Uchi shrugged. You’d have thought of something.
Lacy wasn’t convinced.