Books! Glorious books!

Yes I did just sing that. :p

I must surely sing the praises of Kindle and Amazon today. You see, despite having trouble with being able to devote time to reading for various reasons, I still love getting books. Like Robert Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. I haven’t cracked it open yet, seeing as how the last time I tried to read Heinlein there was other crapp going and I couldn’t get into it. And these were his short stories I took a crack at.  I’m saving TMIAHM for the next trip we go on.  Having something to read in the hotel rooms helps keep the crocheting from getting boring.

However, did you know that are over 2k titles every day roughly for free via Kindle? Various authors and publishers frequently put the first book of different genre’s/series up for free for a couple of days. Sometimes longer.  I’m always sifting through them. Looking for knitting, crocheting, quilting, hell even homeschooling books.  Yes, when the future spawn are old enough, we’re homeschooling them. If I’m gauging them right, based on what I know of his schooling years and my own, it’ll be a merciful course of action. Merciful for the poor saps who might end up with them should they go to regular school.

Growing up, that was the best punishment from my mom when I was a teen. Taking my library card. Especially considering I used to max out the check out limit twice a week on good weeks.  No, you read that right. Twice a week.  Reading was the balm to my world that I was growing up in.  Nothing was off limits to me…. cept boring stuff. Which for me at that point in time was most fiction’s, keep the romance on that side of the building and mysteries…. I will read Sherlock Holmes and various spin-offs like Displaced Detective …. but that’s about it for that genre. Give me the classics like Ivanhoe, Faust, Robin Hood, Treasure Island any day.

Hell, when I was 13-14 I read ALL of Shakespeare’s play. Yeap, all of them. That was actually quite fun and a pleasing read to once you got the hang of the language.


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