Changeling’s Agony will be a couple day’s late. The muse remembered the other story that is at well over 40k words and suddenly wants to work on it again. Feck.

I have the perfect picture for WOAPI (Wife of a PI) but the fiance hasn’t sent it to me yet.  It’s one he took and it’s perfect.

Alcohol… yes let’s talk about that for a moment. I like the stuff. Maybe a little too much. Topic for another day though darlings. For those of you looking to make cheap vodka drinkable… STEEP IT. Seriously, put dried fruit into a container, pour vodka over it and let sit in the fridge. Over night at the shortest and three weeks at the longest. Shake gently at least once a day.

Dried Apricot has worked so far the best for me, turning the vodka into almost a liqueur. A lot more sweet and much thicker alcohol.  I’ve tried several fresh fruits and nope, nada. Just doesn’t work the same. You want dried fruit for it. Vodka steeps the best so far. Rums and whisky’s just don’t have the same qualities for it.