Yes. Whargh.

So I dragged myself out of bed this morning in order to up and ready for the new box of yarn that contains the awesomeness of at least two projects getting finished. Two projects that are going to be permanent additions (I hope) to the Jade Rose Zen ThreadWorks line. *still sleepy smile*

Though I know it’s supposed to arrive today, I don’t know when. Usually the chap runs by 10, but they are supposed to working on the roof today as well… so I figured I might as well get up. I soooo want to crawl back into bed. Last night I had the headphones on and a groove going on The Beast. …only to find out I’m going to be running out of a different color than the one I ran out of before. 

*head desk*  This is the reason why I don’t make many afghans over the size of full. For one thing a queen sized (for an example, click on the Jade Rose Zen ThreadWorks page and scroll down until you see the Bedroom section, that red, white and blue afghan there is a queen sized) takes a lot of work just staying inside of design specs. Secondly, I don’t charge a cent under $300 for them normally. Now… there are a few folks who I really really like that are getting these bigger afghans for presents practically, but that’s also because I know it will provide a measure of comfort for them.

King sized afghans…. oh by Cerridwen’s Cauldron I don’t even make those. The materials and time very quickly add up to a $500 afghan, and that’s just the basic one. For those of you who aren’t crafters, that’s a steal of a deal. Why I’m not even charging min wage for each hour of work. Were I to do that… here’s let’s do a little math shall we…

One queen sized afghan takes me well over 350  and probably even closer to 460 hours (counting design time).  Now federal min wage is… 8.50 yes?  So we have 460 times 8.50 which equals $3910.00.

There’s an aloe plant in the corner for the rug burn that has appeared on your jaw. Materials cost probably upwards of 50-65 dollars if you can manage to snag everything on sale. If not, close to 85-120 (depending on the yarn type and brand).  We’ll go with 120.

That puts us now at $4,030.00 I believe.  Shipping is another 15-25 dollars depending on where you’re shipping.

That puts it at $4,055.  Only it’s not… it’s 300 for a basic queen sized afghan depending on what stitch and how fancy I decide to get with it. The point I’m trying to make is simple: Hand crafted items like sweaters and afghans and shawls are labors of love. Love for seeing something come to fruition via your own hands. Would I love it I managed to make an afghan that someone paid that nice big chunk of change?

Oh darling, I’d be lying if I said no. That would let me solve quite a few problems. But people don’t pay that kind of money, let alone the 300 with any kind of regularity. You see a large chunk of people think…. it’s just yarn and there’s a Target or Wal*Mart just down the road from them. Great. Another motherfucker sneers at my work again though, and I’ll knock their fucking ass out.

Yeah there are a lot of…. I don’t know the right word for them, that do handcrafts for a variety of reasons. However, most crocheters and knitters have a love for it that goes deeper than just some existential goal.

Yarn is my paint. It is my livelihood. It brings a satisfaction few other things I’ve done bring. This is my job (despite a muse who seems damned determined to also turn me into some kind of ensemble of a writer). I have stitched myself though some really bad times with crocheting. And will keep crocheting, even though it doesn’t have the returns that some people imagine… at least in money.

4 thoughts on “Whargh

  1. Hey, wandered over here from ATH. I do small crochet projects for the family, and yeah, I haven’t the patience for an afghan. I’m impressed by anyone who does. Right now making new potholders because we wore them out and can’t buy them as big as my husband’s hands. 40 chain stitches long. That shawl is amazing.

    1. Hi Holly! Thank you for coming over and checking things out, I appreciate it.

      40 chain stitches?! Eh gads, Andre in the family there somewhere? Lol
      Thank you, I love making those shawls. They always turn better than I hope.

  2. Wow. That’s tremendous. I don’t crochet, only some knitting. My biggest accomplishments there included a baby sweater with a complex fair aisle pattern and chicks…and some baby booties that I embroidered (with yarn) little bees on. I was in labor with my first daughter when I finished the bees. very impressed by your endeavors.

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