It is a gorgeous day.

Sunny California… where the days of sunshine get monotonous. Where people have front yards with fruit trees like oranges and grapefruits and pomegranates … that 95% of just rot on the branch or on the ground. Where housing developments don’t look to find a place for their project, they send letters to people already living in the area they want. (Feeling curious? Google Big Tujunga Canyon, California development project. Take a shot of whisky or rum first) Eminent domain is code for “You don’t truly own anything in California”.

We have had around maybe two weeks worth of chilly days. We’re averaging 60s during the day and high 40s at night. Today is a perfect balance of sun and temperature. If I scoot my chair over just another few inches, I’ll be able to have sunshine on the feet while crocheting. Tis a delicious feeling sunshine on barefeet.

Here in the past week I’ve managed to bring the Beast to a little over half way done. I have a shawl that should be finished this weekend and Oh… my… Morrighan, you are going to love this shawl. I used a much finer yarn for it and it’s downright elegant looking. Now that’s not to say other shawls from this same pattern aren’t gorgeous too, they’ve been a bit thicker, heavier and a tad more practical in terms of colors.

That’s one thing I’ve noticed about other yarn workers. They lean more towards practical or lacy and pretty or… wacky and wild is the best way to describe the one style. That’s not to say that a more practical crocheter or knitter won’t make something utterly beautiful but they lean more towards the practical more often in their work, etc etc. I get teased frequently by other yarnies (Totally a word!) because I don’t really have a style that I’ve settled into per say.

Oh I love making shawls, toys, afghans, tote bags and coats, but those aren’t the only things I’ve made. There’s hats, small crocheted baskets, etc etc. I don’t really have a yarn that I must always use, though I’m incredibly fond of the Bernat Super Saver, Lily Sugar n’Creme cottons and a few others. There are yarns I can’t stand working with like that frilly sashay stuff (seriously, that stuff frustrates me to no end) or pompom.

Knitting and Crocheting have become highly individualistic crafts. There are people out there that ME insanely jealous of their skill because they can pull off stitch combinations that I can’t even do my dreams. *sighs* Yes I will call myself a master crocheter at times, however I know my limits well however those limits are based purely on skill and knowledge limits, which are easy to overcome to time and patience and practice.

The next few weeks will be seeing me tackling broomstick lace (crochet stitch, though it wouldn’t surprise me if there are folks who knit it as well) and I’m going to try to re-learn how to purl again (knit stitch). Both of these stitches will be adding a larger range of what I can do and I may even pull being able to knit socks finally.  …. don’t look at me like that. I’ve had other priorities.