That wall hurts

There is a long day going on here. I decided to see how bad or improved my dairy allergy was yesterday. So, I had some ranch on spicy baked beans. (Seriously awesome combination.) And it was very nommy.

But… Ow. There was also corn products in the ranch that I had completely forgotten about. My corn allergy manifests as a migraine to a very strong headache. There is no mild headache when it hits.

So a headache on top of stomach system distress. Yeah, that entails everything you just thought of. 

That said, thanks to Big Lots, we have a lot of applesauce. That stuff has been tasting like mana today. Later I’ll be seeing if broth will stay down too. 

When these allergic reactions hit, taking something is out of the question. Because I would end up vomiting it back up before it could do any good.

One thing I’ve noticed and am going to keep an eye on is that the milk allergy seems to be made more sensitive when there’s corn products present as well. Why that is…. I’m not sure…

Does that mean I’ll be subjecting that to the scientific method?  ….. Nope. Cause…  Yeah, ow. Headaches bring everything and anything to a grinding halt. Now I’m going to crawl back into bed and rest some more. Y’all be having a good day k?