Past Blast: -Rubs Temples-

Evie: Not really anything new to add to this one, March 2014 published originally.

It started rather innocently enough.  A casual acquaintence messaged me on Facebook asking me to keep her in prayers.  I said sure, I’ll keep you in my thoughts and add you to my candle.

Her reaction from there went full nuclear retard.

“Don’t you know that’s Witchcraft? WitchCraft is Satin worship!”

Um… it’s spelled Satan.  And not, it’s not. You are thinking of theist Satanists.  I am Witch, not a theist Satanist.  The discussion lasted all of fifteen minutes, with her reciting “christian” diatribe at a pace that leads me to believe she remembered I was a Pagan, and had delibreately contacted me to “save my soul”.

Cunt, my soul is older than you by a good thousand years.  Fuck off.

-More temple rubbing.-

The encounter hurt.  A lot.  Not because of the attack on my faith as I’ve gotten waaaaaaay to used to that bullshit.  Even death threats, which become silent after I remind them it’s called the Second Amendment, we live in the United States and I DO practice it.

What hurt was the falseness of her request. The ingenuity of her need.  (Which reminds me as to why so many who use their magick for others demand payment to ensure the person they are helping really actually wants it.  A lesson for another time.)

“Don’t you know prayer is only real thing that works?”

…. yeah, my response can be summed up as fuck off you ignorant bitch.

First of all, I am deliberately choosing to place you in my thoughts and telling the universe that I’m throwing a bit of my weight in behind you. That I spending valuable brain time, on your behalf as I go through my day, keeping your name in front of the God(s).

Second, candles aren’t cheap asshole.  I have one or two that get lit for a few hours every day and that I meditate on, keeping you within the circle of light so that whatever burdens you’re carrying may gradually grow lighter and you see all lesson pieces as they appear and you are embrace your growth.

Third, be gracious.  If you are aware that the response to your request for help not being the kind of help you want, keep your fucking mouth shut.  At all times.  Don’t badmouth, don’t scorn, don’t mock, just keep silent.

I have dozens of people I think on every day, most don’t even know it and probably haven’t realized I have noticed they are having a rough time.  My list is full of people whom I have never met and whom probably barely notice me.

Why meditate on them?

Because I can, and because there are limits to the kind of help I can give to most people.  Its a kindness to pray or meditate on someone and to take advantage of this makes you a fucktard.

It’s also an insult to the time and energy investment that I make.  Do me and many other people a huge favor: stop trying to waste, take advantage of or bastardize that investment.   When investments have to be taken back, I’m not the one who will suffer.  I’ll just divy that up among the others.  It’ll be you, because the Universe has a tendency to expose people like that for what they truly are.

As for me?   When that happens, I’ll be on the front porch with my best mates, sipping moonshine outta Mason jars, shotguns leaned against the door frame, sitting in the rocking chair and knitting or crocheting, depends on what needs made that day. I wasted time and energy on many a person, took it back in a way and moved on.

That’s what happens when you present a false front.

You get left behind.