Jade Rose Zen ThreadWorks: The Story of Alli’s Angel’s

Alli’s Angels was the first real signature crochet project that I ended up designing.  I had moved back in with my parents for a time, and was bored with all the crochet projects I had at that point done time and time again.  I had a crochet book with a basic doll pattern that made the doll from crochet thread and it was small.

So, add yarn, my own imagination and other skills from crochet learned over the years, and the doll was born.  I gave her dark brown hair and a cherry and chocolate dress.


I had no idea what was going to happen with this doll.  One day my mother was telling me about Alli, the grand daughter of one of her co-workers that she used to write humorous short stories for while she was undergoing chemo for a brain tumor.  (She around 7 or 8 at the time.)  My mother is quite attached to this child and I sent the doll with her to work, to give to Alli.

Alli and her entire family loved the doll, and I found out later that Alli and the doll had matching hair color (before she lost her hair that is.)  Alli was starting to go blind from the tumor, and the doll because of being crocheted was a delight to her because of how it felt.  I didn’t use any hard parts and it’s a completely soft-bodied.  In honor of Alli, the dolls were thus named.

Since then I’ve made several dolls, each unique in some small way.

Since then the Alli’s Angels have gone all over the place and ended up being the launching pad for making even more toys of various types or designs. It’s been a pleasure making these and other toys.