Life is a knocked over…

… 25k piece puzzle and that’s after you got the border done.

So, progress on getting new inventory for JRZT is moving right along. Several concepts have solidified and are the actual stage were I can get cracking on them. I think I’ve gotten narrowed down finally after three years of slow and steady work, what the things are that I can comfortably specialize in and still have a broad enough appeal to a large number of folks as to keep building up business.

Though they are pretty basic… but theses are the things I like making best so it’s a win-win in that these are also the most popular in most cases.  Afghans (all sizes) are still staying. Those while they take the longest are incredibly satisfying and have a much higher heirloom value than the others outside of the dolls. (Everyone remembers that black bordered granny square blanket that was all rage there for… how many decades??) Though with a bit more work on the concept piece, I’ll have myself very solidly what I hope to soon make a trademark….actually signature might be the better word here, afghan design.

I’ll be keeping the new dolls (you can see pics of them via the IG widget down there at the bottom of the page if you’re on mobile) along with the Alli’s Angels and Toothless.  *plugs ears for a few seconds*  …. okay, ya’ll got that squeeing out of yourself? Okay good.

Definitely keeping the shawls, the pineapple, granny and C-2-C style are the most versatile of the patterns I’ve tried and I like them best. Between those three, I can find one almost always that the yarn slips into and dances out into a finished piece regardless of most yarn types.

There are the coats. I know I know, I’ll have pictures of them soon for you, but you will like these. I’m working on a new design right for them. I had been doing solid colors and horizontal stripes but I think I have vertical stripes figured out now. I’ll know for certain once I get the coat done.

Of course I’ll still be offering the Dr. Who scarves and Ma Cobb hats.  I have rather unceremoniously been both joking and fully serious when I’ve stated “I will Ma Cobb hat my way into being able to move out of California if I have to.”

Which brings me to the next jumble of pieces that are tangled together. Moving. Yeap, we are trying to move. Trying. Reasons? Plenty. Just research the rates of business leaving California versus new start ups. THAT will shock you. (I am or may not have a joke that when people say California economy is booming they mean imploding.)

Arizona is our goal. Biggest reason? Our cost of living will drop at least 400 dollars a month if not more. Need I say anything else?

We even have gone as far setting up a fundraiser to get the move done. I haven’t decided if I’m going to drop the link here onto the blog though. I am a firm believer that we can get moved before the end of February, once we get a little extra help. I’m a stubbornly optimistic woman… when need be. Despite the fact that the whole situation is depressing. Incredibly.

Hence why I’ve been crocheting soooo much.  It does honestly help. It keeps me busy so that I don’t distract DZ (fiance unit).  He distracts himself plenty.

Though I had the hypothesis that if I’m actually in the same room as him, he doesn’t take breaks from his work as much to come talk to me. Tested and it proved correct. With the following two addendum’s:
1) As long as I’m in his direct line of sight or out of sight completely but in the same room, the desired effect is achieved.
2) If in his peripherals…. forget it.

Taking care of yourself and your family (both blood and adopted) means putting yourself into areas that make it easier to live within your means and income. It means maybe having to forgo a pet.  😦 At least at first, I get incredibly lonely without DZ around and having a dog or cat will help with that. Another reason for Arizona, there are almost no places that are pet unfriendly, while here in LA it’s reversed. And the ones that are pet friendly, are expensive as all fuck.

Then there’s Changeling’s Agony: Awakening, which if all goes right chapters 8-10 will get written this week and I’ll be working on Nuovaria as well. Nuovaria is the one story I hinted that is at 40k and growing. It’s the oldest of the manuscripts at almost two and half years in the works. That one I plan on finishing up, handing over to my beta-readers after figuring out what story lines and pieces are unfinished and while the beta’s have it, get to working on the sequel.  Which will most likely be written alongside the second and third book’s of Changeling’s Agony. I say books… but these could end up only being Novella’s. :/

I’m okay with that though.

Then there’s the brand new book sitting on my table. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. I still haven’t read it yet… still haven’t had a day that screamed “Read. Give your brain a chewtoy.”  It’s coming though. I can feel it in the wind. Along with a lot of other stuff on the wind, but that starts sliding into the Magick and the Craft and I don’t feel like wading through those particular pieces today.