Er, What?

Yes, yeap with a side of Yeah.

Mad Genius Club

So, this week I was looking through the Ravencon draft program for things I’d like to do and ran into some lovely examples of how the “Big Lie” affects people. Seriously, if you get a near-unison chorus that says something for long enough and says it loud enough it bypasses the ability to reason and becomes common knowledge – which unlike common sense is distressingly common, but involves precious little actual knowledge.

Sarah has called it drinking one’s own ink. I’ve also seen/heard it called drinking the koolaid (a phrase I tend not to use quite so often as a friend of mine lost a good friend of his to Jonestown and that phrase is something of a trigger point with him). It’s a bit like sniffing your own gas and thinking it smells nice (and trust me, you do not want me giving you any of the Australian versions…

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