Just kinda sitting here

With advent of being able to finally move I have to admit its not sunk in yet. I’m in a bit of shock still because people pitched in and we get the goal and surpassed it.

I’ve been trying to not just break down crying today as I do have boxes to pack. We’ve lists to make and start checking off stuff. I have to pack things in a very specific order so that I’m not packing something we’ll need before the move.

I am…numb, but it’s in a good way. Though DZ and I did end up in a disagreement. There’s an ex wife and no love lost between me and her. It hurts when I find shit with her name on it and it really was not a good time last night to be finding shit with her name on it.  *sighs*

He kisses me goodbye this morning for work and whispers “29 days baby…but whose counting?” His voice reflects his grins.