I know, I’m a bit late

Not a normal blog day, though I’m finding just blogging whenever I want more productive in general than trying to stick to a strict schedule.  So, let me tell you about today, despite this story starting last night.

So DZ is on his way home from a work trip and calls me, asking if a person can spend the night…and their dog.

“Wait… what?  Who?”

“Oh I picked up a fellow, who was just walking along the highway with his dog, Georgia by the way, she’s 8 months old and a Massif breed, Evie she’s adorable.”

“….back on topic dear.”

“Oh right, well he’s on his way back to San Francisco and instead of spending the night on the train depot concrete, is okay if he spends it there so that they have a roof over their head tonight?”

I just sighed.

“Six pack of cider babe?” he asked.

“And it better not be the cheap shit.”

Apparently, Georgia and her human companion were coming back from a music festival, their ride not having sufficiently hidden two pounds of weed from the cops. So they were hiking their way home. DZ picked them up just a few minutes outside of Quarzite Arizona and gave them a ride to here, LA last night. Today he’s dropping them off at the train station, which has the cheapest tickets Georgia’s human could get and still have her with him.

Only one roll of yarn was lost and I need to start keeping some crocheted dogs toys on hand. :-/

Still haven’t gotten the new product photos done, but I am doing them tomorrow. (Now it’s gonna rain, do you see what I did there? heh.)

My fiance helps out folks like Georgia (who was actually a very pretty dog) and her human quite frequently when he can. We can’t really give anyone “gas money” but a ride that cuts 15-200 miles off their trip, sure.

Now, I have to get back to work here on a Toothless … I’m not actually certain how many Toothless I’m going to end up managing with the black yarn and felt I have left, but I do know I’m going to need to get another bag of stuffing before it’s done and over with.

And that folks, it’s just another example of the (mis)adventures of Stormrose Casa. 🙂

2 thoughts on “I know, I’m a bit late

  1. Crocheted dog toys – now that sounds like something I could do for my dog. Do you have a pattern or know where I could find a pattern (cheap or free) *sigh…

    1. Do you know how to knit in the round?
      I use a very simple crocheted in the round, ball with a simple chain stitch to a couple of feet long and then single crochet back it and slip stitch join… you know…. LOL, I should just type that up into it’s own post. 🙂

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