Changeling’s Agony: Awakening; Chapter Eight

This is a work of fiction. All concepts, characters and events portrayed in this book are used fictitiously and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental.
Copyright Evelyn Hively, 2014
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Chapter 8

Lacy woke up to the smell of coffee being wafted under her nose. She cracked an eye and found a grinning Joseph holding out the biggest mug she had. She grinned and sat up, accepting the mug with both hands. He headed back into the kitchen and flipped the eggs that were frying.
“I hope you don’t mind me making breakfast. I realize that’s probably reverse of normal folks,” he said.
Lacy snorted and gave him a mock wounded look.
“I gave you the impression I was normal… I’m hurt dear.”
Joseph just laughed. Charles found his way downstairs doing a zombie impression until Joseph handed him a cup of coffee. Charles smiled zombie sleepy like and sat down on the the steps that separated the dining room from the kitchen. Lacy swallowed quickly.
“Don’t put your cup down, Mace likes coffee!”
Charles froze in his motion and glanced over his shoulder to see Mace glowering at Lacy. He snorted and kept the coffee mug in hand.
“When she snuggles up to your back and purrs….there is no waking up is there?”
Lacy shook her head. Mace did that to her frequently making for really late mornings. She dragged herself out of the covers and stiffly made her way over to the bar stools that sat next to the kitchen counter. It was the closest thing she actually had to a table. Joseph had made bacon, toast and scrambled eggs.
“Well shoot, if you do this frequently I may have to keep you,” she teased.
“Please do, I don’t take up much space.”
Charles snorted.
“When’s the wedding?” he teased the both of them.  Lacy and Joseph just rolled their eyes and dug into the food. Mace stepped down and presented herself to her human. Lacy grabbed a piece of bacon and started tearing it into pieces, feeding them to the cat with a loving smile. Mace then after getting half a piece of bacon sat down in front of Joseph. Joseph chuckled and followed Lacy’s example. Mace never ate more than a full piece so she took the other half that was hers from Joseph. Lacy had a half smile on her face as she glanced at Joseph.
“I may have to marry you if Mace approves of you that much,” she said, completely serious.
Joseph gave her a quick grin. Somehow he was okay with that thought. Charles walked his plate over to the sink and washed it loudly.
“Dude, I am going exploring. You had better stay here and get to know Lacy better,” he said.
Joseph bristled slightly.
“I will pull seniority ya motherfucker….”
Lacy almost fell off her bar stool from trying to suppress her laughter.
“Joseph…do you have to go for a hike…?” she asked him.  He looked at her and found a hopeful woman eyeing him while also being uncertain. He smiled and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.
Charles grabbed Lacy’s water pack and vanished out a side door.
“Well shit… I was hoping he would have a conversation topic starter….” Lacy said glaring after him.
Joseph leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.
“It’s not his job for that ” he said to her.
Lacy looked at her hands and then back at him.
“Soooo…. where ya from?”
Joseph grinned.