Cluttered as …


Today see’s the Beast worked on and at least three more boxes packed. We’re trying to avoid rushed packing but the Beast is taking more room than sane right now. That afghan is going to be finished this week so help me Gods.

Get it out of the way and that also uses up yarn and gets it out of the apartment so that I’m not dealing with more than necessary when moving.

And yes, I’m using yarn as space filler. *waits for her fellow yarnies to stop gasping*
Easy my dears. Depending on they are filling, they are getting wrapped in plastic bags. Which…also make great packing filler.

Trying to strategize all this packing…isn’t really happening. I’ve never been good at strategy only just decent. Half the time I look around and just end saying “Nope.”

Small steps. Those work the best.

One thought on “Cluttered as …

  1. LOL – no gasping coming from this peanut gallery. I have moved three times in four months. Thankfully I am now in a more permanent place. I am on the dregs of unpacking right now… So you have my sympathies.

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