When Duck Noises Fail Me

She has this thing meme post’s that very well played.

According To Hoyt

So, I’ve been packing/cleaning (painting starts this week, hoo hoo — not) house so we can put it up for sale for two weeks, and then we spent five days sitting/listening to lectures at a seminar.  (Was good.  Got to see Boss-Lady, aka my publisher.)

I got up much too late today, and I don’t know which of my regulars was supposed to be up.  I didn’t prod him/her, obviously. Yesterday afternoon/night we got home just in time to clean and do some things that couldn’t wait any longer, like laundry and dishes.

Overnight I started feeling like I was coming down with a cold and so I was intending to take a break and write something light, maybe fiction, for the blog.  (BTW I have talked Stephen Green, aka. Mr. Vodkapundit into doing an audio of “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear.”  We’re going to put it on audible…

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