Clue x 4

We all get them. And quite frankly we all deserve them from time to time.

That was my Monday night. It was rum and good rum at that. At some point, my PTSD acted up and I drank too much. I don’t remember going to bed. I don’t remember DZ leaving for work.

I spent Tuesday sick. To be honest I feel like I deserved it. I’ve given myself hangovers before, but this was straight up vomiting and just doing nothing but lay in bed and be miserable.

At my request, the awesomeness that is my man agreed to stop buying the hard liquor for and somewhat yielded on my point that the hard liquor is worse for me than hard cider or wine.  Cider and wine fill me up, hence I drink less. The amount of alcohol that is in cider would take six ciders to match a shot of rum. (The kind of rum I like anyways…)

So yeah… Clue by 4.

It was a reminder that while I have made a lot of progress…. I still got a ways to go.

I need to start practicing yoga again. Why yoga? Very good your joints. And… Its really calming for me actually.

But yeah….