I sincerely hope…

… that inventor of Naproxium Sodium is being gifted with whatever sexual gratification he or she desires in the afterlife every time someone utters “Oh thanks Gods…” as the stuff kicks in.

Which unfortunately does confirm that it’s the muscles (what ones there are) that are attached to my rib cage that are the problem.

I have to admit, I have a very large concern that one of these days something is going to happen involving a sneezing or vomiting or coughing fit and I’m going to wake up in the hospital to a nurse or doctor going “How the hell did you manage to dislocate ribs on both sides?”

Talent my friend. Talent.

People always look at me weird I say I was I had about 20 more pounds. First of all that would be putting some meat onto some areas that could use the extra padding (*pauses to adjust the crocheted padding she has on the folding metal chair*) and maybe the ribs wouldn’t take such hits.

It’s been incredibly irritating this past like approximately fifteen ish months. Since coming to California, I’ve been more sick more frequently than the four years prior leading up to it. >_<

Unfortunately, being sick did put me behind on packing and on working on the Beast. It also doesn’t help that it’s February…. and I’m considering turning on the AC.

I’m still deciding which yarns to leave out so that I have something to do up until packing up the truck and car day. Which we are moving out, as early as what is possible that day. I hate driving in Los Angeles and the earlier we leave, the better.

Speaking of moving, his work is sending him (and yes, I’m coming with too) to Arizona next weekend. Here’s hoping we can find a place that weekend because it will only be about…three days after getting back from that work trip that we move.  ….oh that’s going to be calling it close…yikes….

I would be more excited…however I still have while not hurting, tender ribs. I need to put all the crafting odds and ends into one box and tape it up on the last day. I need to pack up the inventory… oye…