Slow and steady progress


I found something in my stuff while sorting things to pack that I had forgotten about.

It triggered a minor episode. I say minor, because I stayed lucid. The days of losing lucidity are few and far between now. Thanks Gods.

The item in question is going in the dumpster. I feel exhausted still though. I’ve been slowly knitting and I’m not down for the count today… Though that could change.

Slow and steady progress is there. Slow. At least its steady.


One thought on “Slow and steady progress

  1. This reminded me of when I finally left home and began to separate myself from the parentals. It took a long time to realize that I was a good person. (I don’t even want to talk about some of the things that happened in our household.) Joining the Navy and leaving the US helped a lot. Finding myself helped a lot. But what changed my life completely was twenty-one years with my late husband. He taught me not to flinch when touched and other life lessons. Hugs… and may you get better.

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