Happens to us all.

Although having too many things going on at once does seem to a more artsy inherent problem.

Everything from trying to get as many projects done before the 26th (when we pack up the truck) to making backups of this computer I’m typing on. The battery has stopped working. Complete and total failure.

Is it possible to get a new one? Probably, but I am not putting that on the priority for this month or next.

Then there’s making a back up of everything onto a separate hard drive. (Thank Cerridwen that the Amazon library is accessible through them almost any time.)  And because I’m a bit paranoid, I’m taking advantage of my barely used Google Drive and uploading the two manuscripts that I would ball my eyes out over losing along with two other folders that have a lot of stuff in them that I can’t replace.

Not really worried about my WitchCraft information because… look I’m a book addict. I looooooooove books in paper format and will sit and watch the used book on Amazon for good deals. …when I have the loose money.

There was a thought that occurred to me this morning.

I have a lot of shit in my past that I’ve been working on stripping the power out of. I’ve made progress in so many areas. This morning, I looked around the apartment and then at a normal sized grey backpack that was sitting in the floor. I realized that something hadn’t changed.

If need be, I could pack just a few things into that pack and with DR at my side, walk away from everything here. Yarn can be replaced. So can dishes and books. I could still walk away, and start over from scratch. It would suck….but I could still do it.

And now back to work.


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