It’s Not Your Job to Indoctrinate My Children – Amanda Green

Amanda here outlines many of the reasons why I will be home-schooling my kids.

And while those kids might be a several months to several years off, the curriculum is already being plotted out. Everything from learning cursive by writing the Founding Documents of our nation out by hand to being told if you pick up it off the bookshelf, focus on that one and it’s 400 word at least book report when you’re done.

According To Hoyt

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It’s Not Your Job to Indoctrinate My Children – Amanda Green

The wonderful Dave Freer has a post up at Mad Genius Club this morning about an online encounter he had with a librarian. It seems this woman really loves her job, at least that is what she kept telling him. For a moment, I was excited to read that there was a librarian somewhere who did still love what she was doing. There are times when I feel that is as rare as finding a teacher in the public school system who truly loves teaching. All too soon, however, I realized that she didn’t really love her job. What she loved was being able to push an…

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