A Passion For Cubbyholes


According To Hoyt

Yesterday I took a shashay down to Otherwhere Gazette, where someone in the comments of the posts was asking what the difference was between us and the SJWs, except they had a college degree and we didn’t.

The assumption dumbfounded me. Of my friends, I’m one of the least educated ones, as Kate and Amanda pack multiple graduate degrees, Dave Freer is a doctor (of fishology. Okay, it might be marine biology) and Tedd Roberts… well, a supervisor to doctoral students, besides being a doctor himself. As for the people involved with Sad Puppies, I have clue zero what Brad’s degree is. It doesn’t normally come up in conversation. I do know that Larry has an accounting degree for which he most certainly went to college (and paid his own way.)

Myself, as most of you know, I’m about a year short of a doctorate and now not likely to…

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One thought on “A Passion For Cubbyholes

  1. Yeah, I think Hoyt is right about the Huxlian desires of many folks.

    Course in their dreams of everyone being put in their place and given all the drugs and makework they “deserve” they end up birthing a State that is more 1984 than Brave New World.

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