You keep using that phrase…

…. and everybody with half a brain is wrinkling their noses in reflexive disgust. This phrase has become a catch all and I’m  not sure the connotations of it have ever been looked upon with any kind of favorable consideration. You keep using that phrase and we all know it doesn’t mean what you think it is. It’s been used in such a manner that to immediately have it appear in conversation invites mockery and ridicule because everyone in hearing distance knows you are lying out your fucking teeth. Your real objective is known.

“But I’m a nice guy.”


Guess what? No. You’re not.

I fucking hate this phrase. It’s the biggest and worst misnomer on the planet.

“Guy”?  You’re so fucking emasculated that you can’t even bring yourself to say the M-word? Does anyone you know even call you that in passing?  You know the word.

Man.  Yes, the M-word.

I have to wonder how fast you recoil and backtrack if someone asks you or calls you it. You sick spineless fuck.

“I’m a nice…” SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. AND. GET. THE. FUCK. OUT.

No dear. You wouldn’t know how to be nice to someone without strings attached if your life depended on it. You were taught to equate your attention with being something good because your mother did not spank you. You needed it. Everyone can tell.

Any time I hear this phrase I start reaching for a baseball that isn’t there because some poor chump is about to subjected to some tired ass tirade about they should be glad that a “nice guy” like him is paying attention to them. How about they don’t need your pity you self-serving fuck?

This is something that I think a lot of folks ignore or just haven’t noticed. When asking a person’s friends about them, how do they describe them?  Do they use phrases like guy/gal, decent/nice with what seems to a large measure of indifference and a shrug?

Or do they actually use words like man/woman and good/solid friend with a measure of affection and pride in their voice?

“Nice guys/gals” have… a reputation.

Good men and woman should be desired.

There’s been quite a few times where someone made the mistake of calling one of my friends a nice guy/gal. Their shock at being corrected with the phrase “No, they are a good man/woman” is… entertaining to say the least.

Like my fiance. He is a damn good man. He is not a nice guy.

I do not plan on ever calling him that.

My rapists were nice guys. But I never heard anyone call them in passing a good man.


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