Past Blast: Destruction of Sanctity: You shouldn’t be surprised by it.

Evie: Now before anyone asks, no I’m not sharing which pages, which unit, nor my facebook page for general consumption. Originally written back in October 2013.  I don’t really care if this is politically correct. Political correctness… you can shove that up your ass.

Now,  I have a lot of pages on Facebook liked and a few individuals whom I admire, I’m subscribed to their updates.  Today, one of them made a post that was a fairly understandable rant attached to a picture.  The male in question, was ticked off that a woman had a unit insignia on her collar.  I am fairly certain however that the picture was some promo shot of a movie.  His anger however, I can understand.  For him, his unit insignia is sacred in a sense.  He went through the training, fought and bled for that emblem.  His brothers number in maybe the dozens and many have died wearing that emblem on their hearts.

He was angry that a woman was wearing it unearned.  Unearned is unearned.  As of yet to date, there are zero ( 0 people, zilch, nada) women who can even complete the pre-reqs for this unit let alone the training.  There won’t be a female in that unit, any time soon either.  There are no women, not even me, though I wish I could I do it, that would be able to keep up mentally, physically or emotionally with the demands of the training let alone the work itself after training.  There are some deeds and courses of action, only a man can take.  (Gender traitor? Bite me bitch, more like gender reality.)

At the same time, I was a bit surprised.  This emblem is held sacred by many.  He should have expected it to be desecrated.  Anything of any kind of sacredness, is being desecrated.  Military oath of service : Mocked, slaughtered, shamed, ostracized. The loss of the understanding of the sanctity of this oath is to be expected.  The school systems have for at least two decades, been diminishing the sacrifice that this oath requires.  

Sanctity of our country’s flag.  Sanctity of the Constitution.  Etc.

Loss of sanctity is a symptom of the larger problem: Deliberate teaching of lack of respect.  This is not about one religion being better morally superior.  Morals aren’t exclusive to a single religion or faith.  Seriously, if you need religion and some badly translated book written by a bunch of humans trying to consolidate their power, what your morals should be… you lack humanity and empathy.  And religion, isn’t going to fix that.

Lack of respect.  It boils down to the youngest generations not being taught to respect anything.  And it’s not allowed to be prevented.  Respect for your elders, forget it.  Respect for our countries flag, yeah that’s so unfashionable.  

There’s no respect for our rights, as protected by the Constitution.  As is evidenced by the actions of DC.  Even among pagans, there is a declining respect for oaths, traditions, the myths of old.  Then there are those who do care. The schism that is growing will not be fixed.

Respect or respectfulness,  is a virtue that is prized in all the ancient cultures and it’s one of the pillars of true civilization.  Among the others being honor, honesty, love and determination.  When you destroy the pillars, or white wash them with something else (coughreligioncough)  you destroy them.  Leave them the fuck alone and let them stand on their own.  And friggin teach them to your kids.  Because your kids, after you can’t take care of yourself anymore, are the ones taking care of you.  Best make sure that they actually know how to and want to.

They won’t, if you don’t teach them to respect.  

Welcome to the decline of our country. Welcome to the reality of living in a nation where the politicians are all almost of the same ilk.  There is little difference between the GOP and the Democrats to me anyways.  We’re all this together whether we like or not.  And the emblems of a military unit aren’t going to be the last victims of this core problem.  

Brace yourselves.  Worse is yet to come.