The Project: The Coat


You should be able to listen to that while you read this, if not I’ll be right here when you get back.

Okay ready?

“Evie…why is a Witch talking about Jacob and his coat of colors and the song from Dolly Parton?”

Well first of all it’s a damn good song and Dolly Parton is from an era of real country music. Second of all, Jacob’s story has been stuck in my head the past two days.  I’ll explain why here in a minute, but I’m going to insist that you take a load off your feet first as this might take a few minutes.

So first thing is first, why am I talking about this coat and story? Simple. Damn good story. Good lessons.  Let the lesson outline begin.

1). Jacob was among 11 other brothers and I can’t remember off the top of my head if there was a sister in there. He was hated by his brother’s for a long time. I mean for crying out loud, they sold his ass into slavery…all because his father doted on him.  Dear ole Dad, made the coat from scraps and remnants much like Dolly’s song. (Ever notice that’s the only time you see something like that before the edict about never mixing threads?) It called the most attention to Jacob. Lesson: Do your best not to show favorites, especially if all the kids are still in the home.  These days you may not have to worry about as much, with older kids going away to school, military etc… but the lesson stands.

2) Jacob, got to the point of being second to only Pharaoh because he never gave up.  He was in prison and accused of raping his master’s wife. Back then… that *should* have spelled death for the boy.  Only it didn’t. Jacob had done is absolute best to be pleasing to the man that over saw his welfare and well being which is why he wasn’t put to death. Just imprisoned. Which…could have been ended the same way.  Only it didn’t. He didn’t give up on anything, not his faith or himself. Lesson: keep your head up.

3) Jacob acted in accordance to his prayers as though the best outcome had already been granted. He didn’t know how anything was going to turn out. He still asked his God to take care of him. He acted in accordance to this prayer having already been fulfilled even though he didn’t know if it had or not. He still acted as though things were going to be okay and made the best of the situations. He had the foresight to ask for the wisdom to see clearly his situation. This let him see the opportunities that got him into a position to save his entire family later.
Lesson: Yes, you prayed/cast a spell. Now act like it’s been granted. Do the work to lay the foundation for being able to take full advantage of what you’ve asked for because even if it goes a different direction you’ve enable what comes after that to be even better.

This last lesson is the one that is the hardest for a lot of folks regardless of faith to get it seems.  You have to do the work to open the door for what you’ve asked for. Else you’re going to fall flat, be angry, disappointed and lashing out at folks wondering why it never happened.

Another thing, Jacob asked for foresight to see clearly what to do. To be able to see the small clues that would lead to the big stuff.

If you can’t see the small stuff that’s the breadcrumb trail…what makes you think you deserve what the trail leads to?

Ask for the strength to get through whatever your trials are and the wisdom to see the smallest of the windows, because the smallest of windows can become the biggest of opportunities. It was a lot of little pieces that made the coat remember? 😉

~StormRose, the Witch