On tap

So the good news is that things are finally beginning to feel settled here in StormRose Casa. We’ve begun to get a handle on where we want to put things and I’ve made a huge amount of progress on getting the work room organized.  This also means we are back to our regularly scheduled eccentricity here at the Wandering Witch.  Yes, I know, you are thrilled.

There’s a sewing machine in my future in another month-ish, which is going to be letting me up my game in terms of what all I want to do.  Among the sewing some more skirts. You see, I love long skirts.  Dearly, and most sincerely adore them.  Can I find ones I like that don’t look all the same…. usually no.  So the first month of sewing I do is going to be for myself.

….stop laughing, no seriously it will be.

When we first moved into this place, they only had one of the laundry facilities open.  As of this past weekend, they have the one next to the office again.  These guys get something very important: Washers take half the time that dryers do.  Five washers in the new area, ten dryers. Talk about a hip saver, because the other facility takes a good couple of minutes to walk back to it and that is a royal pain when carrying laundry.

The pool is almost ready too and that is right there out our door. Now to put something in the little patio space we share with our immediate neighbor who was like “Oh you’re actually going to do something with it? COOL!”.

So what can you expect now that things are going to be back on track. Well, I’ll be chaining my muse down. To what exactly I’m not sure, she keeps eyeing the pool with no small amount of delight.  Think I know where I’m going to be spending some serious time at.

“Does that mean Changeling’s Agony is back on schedule? ”
At this point in time I am 85% certain that it is.

Does this mean you’re going to have the wildly varied posts again?”
You actually enjoy that….I mean, yes.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be doing (what many of you may find boring) articles on my own critiques of crocheting stitches and yarn reviews along with articles that combine a yarn type and the stitches that yarn seems to really take well, with project suggestions.

There will be more recipes in the future, though what exactly I’m not sure yet as we aren’t really set up yet for me to experiment here in the new kitchen all that much yet.

I’ll also be working on the “Jade Rose Zen ThreadWorks” page a bit this week, updating pictures and providing listing information if anyone finds themselves enticed enough to buy something (which I hope you do, eventually).  Speaking JRZT, right now I have no orders. This bugs me because folks don’t seem to realize I’m serious when I say, if you know what to have me make for Christmas, Tell me NOW!

Telling me now, let’s me get it done and leaves me with more time to make more for more people. And yes, I take payments. <<<<

Hell, even if all you can do is send me something in trade for it… I’m open to that folks.  Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve traded goods for goods and it won’t be the last.

Do I love Arizona so far?
Oh you better believe it.