A normal day for me

Usually begins at about 9-10am.  Even if I go to bed at 9pm… I don’t fall asleep many times until midnight – 1 am.  Up and heating up coffee.

Look over Facebook.

Head into my work room after breakfast and work on the biggest of the projects as I catalog what needs done.

“Okay there’s at least four Toothless I need to make…shit I need more stuffing.  Shit, I’m going to need a couple of bags of stuffing. There’s the Ma Cobb hats… no I’m good there on yarn… there’s the Mitered bedspread… should have all the yarn I need for that… good thing those colors are normal and easy to find usually….”

Then the other projects I want to do that aren’t going to anyone roll through my head. Those are secret projects right now too  though.

Then there’s all the reading I want to do…

…. do you know how easy it is to get a toe cramp when holding open books? Yes yes yes, I know e-readers… I still have to stop to “turn a page”.

It’s not uncommon for me to look around, sigh from feeling slightly overwhelmed and grab something like a cup of tea to drink.  There’s a lot of little breaks I do to keep from getting overwhelmed.

Oh and then there’s the writing. Yes, my muse has her “oh yay we’re in a new place” out of her system finally and is playing nice again. Changeling’s Agony will be back on track this next Saturday.  I would say today, but she’s changed her mind on what Chapter ten is going to do…. AGAIN.  Damn brat.  Uh huh, keep sticking your tongue, I’ll work on the ugly yarn projects while working on Chapter Ten.  Yes, the neon yellow, green and orange one.

Amazing how that color combination sends most people into retreat.

And come April, I get to actually have a basic firearms class. Finally. Instead of just bits and pieces from a variety of friends. Well… I’ll actually have both which is good. Quite happy about being able to attend a class.

I’m fairly certain my looks incredibly boring to everyone else. I’m okay with a nominally boring life that gets exciting occasionally.

Which is not my best segue ever… but it works.

We have to get a new vehicle. This one is dying. Rapidly.  There’s a leak in the gas line, just above the tank and below where you put the gas in. The controller arms are going out. There is no suspension. The power steering fluid is vanishing at an incredibly fast rate and it’s burning oil somewhere but not enough to fail Phoenix smog check.

Add that all in with the fact that the car sticks out around here because of it being an older car and that it’s overheating constantly (oh yeah forgot about…) and I’m on the lookout today to see what kind of vehicles seem to be the most common and that will do a better job blending in.

Fun fun. Yeap…