That only took

three-ish weeks.  Last night, what may be our cat showed up. I don’t have anything for the little guy (and when I say little I mean he’s a small tomcat, 1-2 years old).  He’ll probably be back tonight and he needs a vet visit like tomorrow, the poor thing probably has worms of some kind and he needs neutered. (Oh happy happy joy joy, I may have to figure out how to teach a what will be a formerly feral tomcat how to not spray.)

If he shows up with a friend and they both want in… well that’ll be that folks. But we need a new vehicle… and he needs at least a couple hundred in terms of a vet visit…. Being a responsible adult sucks!

I have to dig into the lease and find out how much a month having a pet adds. (It’s at least a hundred and the pet deposit is not refundable.

They are working on the roof again. The last time they apparently only replaced tiles and didn’t do anything else.

I’m horribly tired today and I don’t understand why. Things are working out, we are getting a dozen of blessings from the Gods and why do all of them have to happen back to back causing the possibility of missing one…. time for a candle I think…


3 thoughts on “That only took

  1. How friendly is the cat? Is it possible he isn’t really feral, but was once a housecat that got abandoned or the like? See if you can find a vet that will cut you a deal, or maybe a payment plan. Start with getting rid of fleas and parasites; fixing can come a bit later, especially if you keep him indoors.

    1. The second he realized I was actually offering scratchings he bee lined to me. Purring the whole time. DR says bring him in but I gotta make the two of them get along first. And he did flinch a little when I moved to fast but I think that’s because of having been outside too long.

  2. There are things to help you with the tiredness. If you have been sick or just overtired from working to hard take a multi-vitamin. I can’t get enough with one so I take individual Vitamin E, Bs, and others for energy. Also congrats on the cat 😉

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