Printed off.

This is Changeling’s Agony: Awakening so far.  28 pages, 9 chapters that ya’ll have gotten see so far.

“Why’d you print it off?”

Because I’m struggling with it.  Chapter ten feels forced. I’m debating scratching it out completely and going forward with a completely new chapter.

Normally, with the other two stories you’ve become aware of (see The Conversation) I hop skip around. And that works for me. I wanted to not be a one trick pony (if there’s a better phrasing of this, I’d like to to know) and tried writing CA in sequential order.

I apologize to those of you who got hooked into the story.  I am trying.  I really am.

Which is why I printed it out.  In hopes of having physical copy would help. It’s made it clear that the chapter ten I have so far… doesn’t quite fit.

So you’re going to end with a chapter ten all right on Saturday… just not the one I had originally thought to give you.