Changeling’s Agony: Awakening; Chapter Ten

Evie: Not a very long one I know, and once I collect these up for editing for a second draft, this chapter will get more fleshing out, it’s just right now I’m trying to get us back on schedule for every Saturday and hereby exercise Author Handwavium. :p

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Chapter Ten

Long after Charles had managed to get back and everyone had drug their laughing selves into bed, Joseph rolled over in the early morning and sat up on his elbow. Lacy wasn’t in bed next to him, her sleeping bag half strewn on the floor. He looked around. Sitting quietly on the steps that came down into the kitchen, she was sipping on a mug of something. He pulled himself out from underneath the covers and made his way over to her.
She looked up at him blinking, concerned.
“Did I wake you?”
“Kind of.”
He sat down next to her and put a hand on her leg.
“What’s wrong?”
He watched her study his hand and then gripped it with her own.  He scooted over until he could wrap an arm around her shoulders and kissed her on the forehead. Lacy felt her world come to a screaming halt as a warmth from from his kiss to her core. She felt…better.  He broke the kiss finally and rested his cheek on her forehead. She leaned into his embrace. Somewhere in the other side, something clicked into place.  Loudly enough to where even Joseph glanced around.
“What was that?”
Lacy looked him in the eye.
“Where should I begin?”
“How about the spell you put on me when you looked me in the eye when we first got here,” he gestured around the cabin.
Lacy chuckled.
“I don’t do love magick Joseph.”
“I’m an atheist. I don’t call predetermination of anything a part of my beliefs. But something is happening that was meant to.”
Lacy leaned over and caught his mouth in a kiss. He wrapped a hand around her neck with his free hand and held her to him. When they broke, Joseph’s eyes were twinkling.
“Tell me everything,” He said.
“That’s a lot my dear.”
“Think you’ll be able to get back to sleep?”
He hugged her tighter when a shudder took over.
She set the mug down and turned so that she could face him.
“I used to live Chattanooga… close to it anyways. Little podunk place Apison really…..”

Katana and Uchi watched as Lacy began to explain her past.
How do you think he’ll react if she tells him about us? Uchi wondered.
Katana frowned.
I don’t think she will. She’s prudent in that area. Not even the other’s who would understand know entirely.