Skin deep?

Soul deep?

Heart deep?

Mind deep?

Spirit deep?

These are what define a human for me. There is the body. The soul. The heart. The mind. The Spirit.

Spirit being sum of all the prior things.

True traumatic events inflicts scars straight to the spirit. Which inflicts upon all that comes before spirit with is the body, soul, heart and mind. Spirit scars take the longest to heal.

Can the spirit heal?

Through time. Patience.

Did I mention patience? It’s not just patience from other people. You have to be patient with yourself.

You have to take the time to stop and step back and watch yourself. You have cut people off.

You have to accept a type of responsibility for what’s happened to you. It’s not up to anyone else how you interact with others. That’s up to you.

It’s up to you how you heal.