Grit your teeth.

“Slow your breathing.”

“Keep pulling the trigger.”

Surprisingly enough the range was just about empty yesterday. We had time before he had another work trip.

I get the shakes on the first magazine. The person to try and teach me firearms first was an abusive ex of mine who also ended up being one of my rapists. Dude has more problems than days he’s been alive.

The period of not being around guns and not shooting regularly is over.

I’m doing dry fire work the rest of this week, right now with his 1911 and then with the M&P shield.  The shield is the gun I’ll be using in my gun class next Saturday and I have got to get used to that trigger.  Damn thing kicks like a mule.

I’m worried that weight of the 1911 will throw me off a little, then again it may prove an advantage.  I don’t know yet.

Gonna be a long week.  I’m ramping up training for something next year called a Gun and Run.  You run obstacles and they have between parts of the obstacle course shooting ranges. I’m actually looking forward to it.  *glares at her hip* Even if it means chewing Aleve (which seriously is gross, but hey).

Trying to seize what opportunities are presenting themselves in my life is… harder than I thought.  I really just want to be farming.  Seriously. Still just want to be a farmer.  At least that I know I’m good at.