Next week is gonna be busy.

Between the new puppy (Henceforth known to all as Maggie) and finally starting to feel settled here in Arizona, it’s going to be busy.  Plus tomorrow is my first gun class ever.

With the arrival of Maggie, I know it was time to step up my online store game.  Not too long ago, a fellow co-blogger and friend from over at Blue Collar Prepping offered me a sub-domain.  Yesterday I took him up on it.  Over the next couple of week’s, I plan on spending at least an hour each day on it.

I used to be really damn good at doing basic HTML coding. Used to be.  Between then and now is a lot of shit, and I remember very little.  The plan is to take and use templates that they already have for most of the site, but have two pages that I build the code on myself.  It’s through Yahoo and unless anything has changed, you’re able to do that in an HTML page editor.

It’ll be good practice. Though how being able to do basic HTML might pay off later… not really sure. I had an old habit of writing out the page first before typing it up to see if that coding worked.  Once problem’s with sizing and colors were identified, I would then go in and correcting the black or blue written with a red or pink pen, then re-writing the pages with the corrections.

With Maggie on the way (I don’t get to meet her until tomorrow night. 😦 ) having a website that is not Etsy for my store is going to be the best bet. Reason being, I’ve had a few ideas for t-shirts, but due to Etsy TOS I can’t list them in the Etsy store because I wouldn’t be the one printing them.

Between the website, training with Maggie, working on setting up my two charity boxes that I’m going to be working on filling in between working on other projects and designing hopefully at least one more t-shirt, it’s going to feel…

well… spectacular really. 🙂