Monday’s with Maggie

So… Y’all heard about me yesterday.

I’m a little dog with a big heart.  I’m most likely what they call a Pariah dog, a breed that used to be domestic dogs but went feral.

Daddy had to coax me to him. I was on a desert road in the boondocks of Tuscan Arizona. Then he gave me meat. Delicious-all-I-had-to-was-wait meat. He let me eat a pound though… Mommy was mad at him for that.

I like my mommy. She likes sleeping on this big fluffy thing. I like sleeping next to her because she cuddles me.

I get scared though when we go outside. Going potty in wide open spaces is dangerous! But…. Mommy and daddy get mad when I do it where its safe (Mommy note: safe meaning inside. *sighs*)

But I’m happy! I never have to worry about water or food again.

I am all about my daddy! I don’t like it when he leaves.