Whirlwind named Maggie

I’ll be honest, having Maggie suddenly around was a little bit stressful.

See cats have a concept of personal space.  Dogs….not so much.

Setting her up a routine has already begun and while I like sleeping in… I’ve made peace with the fact that 7am mornings are now mostly likely permanent.

Maggie likes to sleep with us but buddy let me tell you once she picks out her spot she doesn’t move.

She likes Pig’s ears… the inside of them anyways.  She managed to pull that middle out of the one I got her.

She is starting to associate outside with doing her business though.  One of the keys seems to be to have her outside when no one is around that she can be distracted by that’s not me or DR.

She understands “Stop”, “It’s okay Mags”, and “Let’s go.”   Still working on “Come here.”

Next week, I’ll be starting to work on getting her used to being alone for a few minutes so that I can do the laundry.  Getting the mail means a decent little walk, and those she comes with for.  She likes sleeping in my chair too.