Changeling’s Agony: Awakening; Chapter Elven

Evie:  Our neighbor was cleaning his carpets, which were making sounds and smells that Maggie had never experienced before so most of the morning was spent dealing with a cringing pup in my lap.  Kinda hard to type around that.

This is a work of fiction. All concepts, characters and events portrayed in this book are used fictitiously and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental.
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Chapter 11

Joseph hung the phone up frowning.  Lacy knew that look from other friends who had been military.
“Driving back or flying back?” she asked.
He gave her a smile.
“If you don’t mind driving me to the airport.  Charles didn’t get called back so I’m going to let him take my truck,” he said with a nod to his buddy.
“That sucks man, we were going to do a section of the AT,” Charles wasn’t pleased.  Joseph gave him a ‘next time’ shrug.
“The next flight we can catch leaves in three hours, it takes 35 minutes to get there from here so we need to boogy,” Lacy called over her shoulders as she retrieved her hiking boots and car keys.
Charles waited until she was out of earshot.
“Dude… don’t fuck this up.”
“Thanks for the vote of confidence asshole.”
He punched Joseph in the shoulder.
“You know what I mean. She’s special.”
Lacy came bounding back down the stairs and grinned at them.

Gnobin had hidden himself in the back seat of Lacy’s vehicle. Five minutes out of the driveway, he was displeased at the folly of this choice as Lacy and Joseph were chattering away. It wasn’t until they got to the airport and they stepped out of the vehicle that they were quiet.  Joseph wrapped an arm around Lacy’s waist and pulled her into him. Lacy hugged him tightly almost clinging to him. When she finally pulled away there were a few tears trickling down her cheek. Joseph cupped her face in his hands and found her eyes seemed to be more expressive than when they first met.
“We will be seeing each other again and incredibly soon. You can bet on it.”
Lacy smiled and kissed him again before pulling away.  They didn’t say anything as she got back into the car and leave. He watched until she had driven out of his view before going inside.
Gnobin crawled up into her lap after they were out of the airport.  Lacy scratched the top of his head.
“I hope things work out.”
Gnobin looked up at her.
All good things come with work and time. 

End Part I