Throwing your weight in behind a Cause

Should be done frugally. Investing time and energy and money into helping someone must be done with a bit of forethought.  Research, questions asked. The choice gets made sometimes without having to think too hard.

This is one such instance.  After talking to Nicki, I’m throwing my weight in behind her.  At first I was going to wait until I talked to DR…. then it became clear this involved theft of property and some major contract violations.  I knew he was going to be okay with this at that point.

You’ll notice she mentions a child-rapist.  Here’s the links to his court documents:

His case files are:
CR00000201-00, CR00000199-00 and CR00000197-00 with Warren County Circuit Court of Virginia.

If you’d like to help her out here’s her go-fundme:

She does have a blog, where she has detailed the steps they are taking to try to get their property back:

I’ve got a small plan up my sleeve so stand by for that, but it’ll involve some awesome stuff.