Changeling’s Agony: Awakening: Chapter Twelve

This is a work of fiction. All concepts, characters and events portrayed in this book are used fictitiously and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental.
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Changeling’s Agony Part II

    Malbon took the stairs two at time up to the temple top. Her Grandmother/father had summoned her from the training fields.  It was the first the All had spoken or even acknowledged her in almost a decade. All had been busy beyond being able to give her a hug whenever they met in passing but she had been sprinted away for training. It’s all she had been doing for the last ten years on the OS.  Train. Eat. Sleep. Train. Repeat. Even at over six hundred years old at this point, she basically a teenager and constantly working on her talents.
When she finally made the top she paused to catch her breathe. Gaia stuck her head out the door and motioned her in. She stepped in quickly glancing around to gain her bearings in the cooler darker room. The All was standing in front of a large mirror and motioned her over.  She moved quickly so as to keep All happy to see her.
    The All wrapped an arm around her.
“I have another lifetime for you.  I know I said you have your last turn as a human after the last one…but this is a special case.”
Malbon nodded not speaking.
“There is a woman who is going to be giving birth soon. The human child spirit… the spark has died. It will be stillborn unless you choose to take the place. It’s going to be a very difficult life at times, but a lot of pieces are going to finally fall into place.”
Malbon nodded again.
“Look into the mirror. Tell me what you see.”
Malbon focused on the reflective surface and found herself looking at a young human woman who was looking back at her in shock.
“That’s me?”
The image faded.
“As I said, the life you’ll be stepping into will be most difficult.  Your worst enemies are going to be there.  Your closest allies.  New allies.  Look again.”
Malbon squinted.  She could the woman or rather her future self looking in the mirror back at her again.
” I am me. I will always be me even I’m you….”

   Lacy’s jaw dropped.  She stepped from the bathroom and looked at Katana.
“I’m not sure about the implication’s of this.”
Katana nodded sympathetically.
It was unclear if telling you who were was going to be a good idea.  But there are things in the works that have it necessary.
  “Such as?”
Someone is working on a way to see into a person’s other life memories. It was forbidden technology in so many ages but they don’t seem to care that millions are going to be affected by this.
Lacy gaped at Katana “I know it’s foolish to think I’m not alone in being…this but millions of changeling’s?”
Humans breed that fast dear.  It takes very specific circumstances to create a new human soul from their parents. The rules are rather broad though in those circumstances.  Reincarnation is more common as the race grows, but there millions of people who made the choice just as you did to become human in this time.
     Lacy took a deep breath and sat down.
“That’s why all the dreams. That’s why all the times of people looking at me and uttering the words…. you’re different. That’s why Malcom tried to kill me….”
Katana started.  Lacy hadn’t his name in over a year other than to tell anyone who wanted to try and force them to stay friends to go to hell.  Malcom.  A narcissistic psychopath.  When he drank, he was another personality.  When he was sleep walking, it was a third.  When he wasn’t on his meds, it was a fourth. When it was, he was himself and in denial that he had ever done anything.
“I’m going to have to admit it…..aren’t I?”
Katana nodded.
Best way to start is to tell Joseph. He knows you’ve been dealing with mild bouts of PTSD.  It’s time to tell him the source.
      Lacy sighed heavily.  Joseph and her had been communicating incessantly. Three days ago she had admitted that she loved him and he had called her to tell her the same thing.  They had blurted it out at the same time and the laughter afterwards lasted for several moments.  She was actually flying out to San Diego in three days time.
“Do I tell him I’m…. I’m a changeling?”
Katana shook her head.
That’s already been arranged.  You must be careful though.  Jason is going to be around a lot when you’re visiting. He’s coming undone.
   She paled at Kat’s phrasing.
“God’s help me….”

   Gaia pressed a hand against the mirror.
   “I never stopped helping you my love.”
   Malbon looked at the All.
   “Let’s do this.”