Monday Mayhem

The ManUnit is home and organizing.

We had actual window shaking thunderstorms maybe around 3-4 am.  That. Was. Great! …Save for the part where Maggie dove for cover and hit me square in the chest.

Almost all of the chores are done.

I’m munching on MRE Chicken Noodle soup. (I was feeling adventurous and it’s not half bad.)

Belated Beltane btw!

One thought on “Monday Mayhem

  1. I am still organizing after being here since January. Plus I am getting rid of a lot of surplus. I sent some of my late hubby’s T-shirts to his grandkids. They really enjoyed picking out their favorites. Next I’ll keep a few ballcaps and send the rest to them. His grandkids will have fun with them. He’d love that.

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