It’s Never ‘Just a Phase.’

One of the most pathetic things I have encountered multiple times from individuals is the utterance “oh it’s just a phase.”

You know the types of person I mean. You mention a new passion or hobby that you’ve really taken to and they start in with that line of horseshit. Especially when they start seeing your work. Face it – you know you can tell when they are jealous. Shit said out of jealousy is a hurtful poison if you’re not careful about how you react to it but the sure fire antidote is finding others who do that same hobby.

I’ve been crocheting for…. over 20 ish years off and on. Phase?  Bitch please.


One thought on “It’s Never ‘Just a Phase.’

  1. It’s not bad to have phases btw. I have several projects. My crocheting and knitting phases are in the winter. My cross-stitching phases are in the summer. I have done some beautiful cross-stitch pieces. Just laugh… It sounds like a jealous b*tch. My phases have included electronics, music, photography, the Navy, typesetting, electronic repair. Each new life and new phase has been fun and exciting.

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