Changeling’s Agony: Awakening ; Chapter Thirteen

This is a work of fiction. All concepts, characters and events portrayed in this book are used fictitiously and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental.
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Chapter 13

I’m finding myself faced with something that while I knew was coming, I am wholly unprepared. I am afraid making a massive mistake that could cost lives…maybe my own.  I’m finding that my foresight has changed. It’s more like web sight. Everyone is at the center of their own web and every single choice that is ever present shoot off and intersect with everyone else in a blinding display of lines and light. Webs that intersect and that extend forwards and backwards into time.  It’s dizzying and revealing. The All. The Gods. Myself. We’re tied by choice to each other. 

The All and The Gods. Yes we have freedom of choice, but so does everyone else. They who are omnipotent know this and what needs to be done is loose enough that the players are not set in stone. The actions and events that have to happen will. The players in those events… they decide for themselves where they will be and their role.  Every second of the day they choose a different path or the same path with sudden ninety degree angle turns or three-sixty’s or… well you get the point.  If more people realized how much in control they truly were with their choices… yes it goes in many horrific directions….but the good directions outnumber the bad. Small condolences when you can’t see the big picture at times…
— Lacy’s Journal

   Lacy checked her laid out things again. At four a.m. she was waking up and going to the airport for a six a.m. flight to San Diego. To Joseph. She could still feel the aftershocks of the surge of adrenaline that had hit her system when she had opened the envelope with her plane ticket in it. It hadn’t been unexpected but she was still highly uncertain about flying almost completely across the country.  It would be her first time that far west. She was not thrilled about it being California. The state was expensive and little show for that price.
Comfy shoes, a pair of pants, shirts.  She sat down on her bed and scratched Mace’s head. She could go over her packing list another four dozen times and still would not be a hundred percent certain about what she was bringing. It could be everything and still feeling like she was forgetting something. Mace gave her a head butt.
“Trying to tell me to take a break eh?”
Mace trilled at her and raced to the door.  Lacy laughed and followed her cat downstairs. A cup of tea and not staring a backpack for hours on end would do her good.

Katana watched her stare into the cup completely forgetting there was tea in it.
She jumped and glanced at the dragon.
“Sorry Kat.  Can’t seem to focus.”
I know. That was the sixth time I’ve said your name.
Lacy frowned at the dragon. She downed her tea in one gulp.
Make a hat.
“Do I honestly seem that agitated?”
That uncertain and cloudy minded. You need to ground yourself.
Lacy hopped off her kitchen stool and grabbed some yarn and a hook. Thirty minutes later she had a very simple beanie done. She gave a satisfied nod.
“Now to finish packing and get everything ready for me being gone for four days.”
Mace hissed her displeasure at not being able to go with.
“Yeah, I know but I’d rather not have the adventure of you not liking flying el Gato.”
Mace huffed at her indignant and proceeded to launch herself into the yarn bin. Lacy just watched her amused as the cat suddenly remembered the tub was a bit deep a little too late. Even Gnobin started laughing at Mace’s look. When she finally stopped trying and let Lacy pull her out she swatted Gnobin on her way back upstairs.
“Gee you’d think she was mad or something?” Lacy said with a chuckle.
Gnobin gave a snort.
She’s a cat. They get indignant if they think you heard them snoring in their sleep, let alone making miscalculations. …I’m going to go tease her so more! the small brown dragon laughed.
“Just be glad you aren’t in the same plains of reality in terms of physical. Those claws can still do damage to that body of yours if you were.”
Gnobin paused for a moment and looked at his scales.
Must you always reality check me?
“I’m you’re foster mom. Yes.”