Blarghing blargh it

Yes. Stand in words.

Yesterday was spent dealing with a fever and a bout of wooziness that I hope to not repeat. Can still feel a touch of the fever today. 😦   I don’t know exactly why but last night was full of bizarre dreams. Stuff about Tesserict device’s and folding pockets that spun people out the dimension we were in.  Trippy.

I couldn’t even crochet yesterday.  I pulled up one of the books on my phone and was really really really slowly reading.

We may not make it to the spaying before MaggieDog has her first heat. :-/  Which apparently female dogs do have a bloody discharge during.   ….doggie diaper pattern is already formed in my head… I hope I don’t need to use it.  Today should be more productive, though I’m going to take easy.  I’ve over done it before the day after even being minorly sick and then the third day down again.  Hope to avoid that this time.

And in case I haven’t mentioned it yet… I frickin Love Arizona.