Changeling’s Agony: Awakening; Chapter Fourteen

This is a work of fiction. All concepts, characters and events portrayed in this book are used fictitiously and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental.
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Chapter 14

  Getting to the airport happened without a hitch. Checked in without a hitch. Found her gate and got settled to wait for the plane, without a problem. She couldn’t shake the feeling that something was up. Lacy stood up and headed into one of the small shops to grab a snack. Stepping to the back of the shop she studied the rows of magazines seeing if anything grabbed her interest. She felt her instincts start to activate. Someone or something was watching her. She glanced over to the coolers that were next to magazines and shifted her weight to her other foot.
There had been a trick she had learned in astronomy of looking to the side of a faint star in order to see it at night. The same trick could be used to see reflections behind yourself. She glanced over the drinks slowly noting everyone behind her. Then he moved out of her sight. Lacy kept looking at the drinks but felt the prickles wash over her. She stepped again further to her right. He moved further to the left, each time after seeing she was in sight of him again. Lacy frowned. She might have figured out what it was that her feeling like something was amiss, yet… it could be coincidence.
He was no-nondescript. An average looking guy that you see in an airport hundreds of times over. The kind of person who you didn’t notice normally. Only Lacy was really good at spotting people trying to blend in. It was a game for her at times however right now it felt a little too serious. She grabbed a drink and headed for the check out. Lacy found herself cursing silently for not knowing as much about losing a possible tail as what she would like.  Could she pinpoint that he was following her? She paid for her drink and stepped out of the shop.
She took a long slow look around herself and checked the time. Thirty minutes.
She headed into another of the shops and stayed in sight of the front. He walked past and entered a shop on the opposite side. Her instincts told her to wait.  A second and third person caught her attention.  One of them was just as average looking as the first person. The third was a bit more… like Joseph in his vibe.  Him she dismissed for the most part. He was too obvious… or was he?
She stepped out and headed to the plane counter to ask a few more questions. The lady at the desk said she could upgrade her flight to the one leaving right then as it was half full and it wouldn’t cost anything extra. She’d even get to San Diego an hour early and wouldn’t have to change planes.  Lacy agreed quickly and headed to the boarding flight. She was on board quicker than she was expecting and headed to the back of the plane.
Once there, she stashed her pack under the seat in front of her and settled into the window seat. The feelings of unease started to subside as they shut the door on the plane.  Lacy had no idea whether or not those people were watching her.  If they were, she had pegged them and they would be replaced with others. She sighed.
San Diego was not going to be as lighthearted of an affair as she had hoped.